SmoothieBox Smoothie Delivery Review

Everything you need to know about SmoothieBox! If you’ve heard of this smoothie delivery company and wondered what it is, how it works, how much it costs, and wanted an overall review, this post is for you. There’s even a promo code/ link for you to try SmoothieBox, too.

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Note that while this post is not sponsored by SmoothieBox, I am an affiliate of theirs and make a small commission if you choose to purchase through my links/ code in this post. This post also contains Amazon affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read more about my affiliate policy here.

What is SmoothieBox?

SmoothieBox is a subscription smoothie delivery service (with free shipping!) that delivers 20 ready-to-blend smoothie packets straight to your door every 4-6 weeks (in convenient curbside recycling packaging, too!).

SmoothieBox Coupon Code

I’ll get straight to what many of you came here looking for – a promo code! But good news, there’s no coupon code needed, just use this link and you can receive their current promotional offer. Currently that’s $20.20 off your first box!

What comes in a SmoothieBox delivery?

Each delivery box comes frozen to your doorstep with 20 smoothie packs. The smoothies are available in four flavors for you to choose from, and each flavor comes with five packs.

You can also add more smoothies to each delivery if needed, too!

Other optional additions to your home smoothie delivery include collagen packets ($20 for 20 individual collagen packets) and a reusable mug.

delivery box from smoothiebox

How does it work?

  1. Choose your box: the variety box with 5 smoothies of each of the 4 flavors, or the customized box where you can select your preferred flavors.
  2. Select if you’d like to add collagen or a reusable mug.
  3. Add any additional smoothie packs to your box if desired.
  4. Choose if you want a one time order ($123.75, or $103.55 after discount when you order through my link) or subscribe and save ($99.00, or $78.80 after discount when you order through my link).
  5. Finalize your order (with FREE shipping!) and wait for it to arrive fully frozen to your doorstep (typically within a week, in fully curbside recyclable packaging).

Note that prices are as of time of publishing and reflect the price for a variety box of 20 smoothies.

What do they taste like?

  • Clementine: tastes like a gingery orange creamsicle
  • Cacao: tastes like a healthy, subtly sweetened chocolate shake
  • Green: tastes bright, a little tangy, and creamy from avocado
  • Berry: tastes like sweet berries with creaminess from bananas and cauliflower

What ingredients are used?

All ingredients are organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, and coconut – never added sugar!

ingredients in smoothiebox smoothie packs all laid out on a marble counter
  • Clementine: Mandarin Segments, Smoothie Chip (Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic Ginger,Organic Coconut Water, Organic Dates, Organic Coconut Cream, Organic Lemon Juice), Organic Carrots, Organic Pumpkin Seeds.
  • Cacao: Organic Bananas, Smoothie Chips (Organic Coconut Water, Organic Banana Puree [Organic Banana, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid], Organic Coconut Cream, Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt), Organic Zucchini, Organic Kale, Organic Sunflower Kernels.
  • Green: Organic Chopped Spinach, Organic Avocado, Organic Pineapple, Organic Lemon Juice,Organic Pineapple Juice, Organic Ginger, Organic Dates, Organic Flax Seeds, Sea Salt
  • Berry: Strawberries, Wild Blueberries, Smoothie Chip (Sweet Potato Puree [100% Sweet Potato, no additives], Banana Puree [Banana, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid], Raw Hemp Seeds[Hemp Seeds{Cannabis Sativa}], Lemon Juice [Water, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Lemon Oil], Beet Juice Concentrate [Beet Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid]), Cauliflower.

And as someone with food allergies myself and in my family, I’d also like to note that SmoothieBox is VERY allergy-friendly! None of the flavors contain any of the top eight food allergens. So yes, they’re gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and peanut-free. (Note that the Clementine and Cacao flavors do contain coconut, if that is an allergy concern.)

SmoothieBox Nutrition & Health Benefits

Nutrition information is per serving, which is listed as half of a smoothie pack and does not include any liquid or other additional ingredients.

  • Clementine: 120 kcal, 6g total fat, 2.5g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 5mg cholesterol, 5mg sodium, 16g carbohydrates, 2g fiber, 10 total sugars, 0g added sugars, 5g protein
  • Cacao: 130 kcal, 6g total fat, 2g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 75mg sodium, 18g carbohydrates, 4g fiber, 8g total sugars, 0g added sugar, 4g protein
  • Green: 120 kcal, 6g total fat, 1g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 100mg sodium, 14mg carbohydrates, 5g fiber, 7g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 2g protein
  • Berry: 90 kcal, 2.5g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 25mg sodium, 15g carbohydrates, 4g fiber, 9g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 5g protein

If adding the collagen, one collagen packet provides 73 kcal and 18g protein.

Overall the smoothies are much lower in fruit-based total sugar (with zero added sugar) and have more vegetables, more fiber, and more protein than other home delivery or restaurant smoothies.

More balanced smoothies like these may promote greater satiety (fullness) and blood sugar balance. The fiber can also help these smoothies keep you fuller longer and can have other health benefits, including digestion (keeps you regular) and promoting weight management.

overhead shot of purple, yellow, green and brown smoothies

How do you make the smoothies?

It’s very simple!

  1. Pour smoothie pack contents into a blender.
  2. Add collagen packet, if using.
  3. Add liquid of choice and any other add-ins you’d like (i.e. I know some who like to add extra spinach for a boost of greens or a tablespoon of almond butter for extra healthy fats).
  4. Blend!

As far as what liquid or other ingredients to add, it’s entirely up to you. I usually just add the collagen pack and unsweetened almond milk.

SmoothieBox also offers add-in recommendations for each flavor:

  • Clementine: Coconut Milk, Yogurt, Frozen Strawberries, and/or Cinnamon
  • Cacao: Almond Milk, Cold brew coffee, and/or Peanut Butter
  • Green: Water, Orange Juice, Apple, and/or Yogurt
  • Berry: Almond Milk, Water, Yogurt and/or Peanut Butter

Benefits of a Smoothie Delivery Service

Convenience and health are the top benefits to a smoothie delivery service (see health benefits above!). It’s incredibly convenient to have your freezer stocked with ready-to-blend smoothies. And if you use the collagen packets, I love that there is no measuring or anything – just open a packet and add!

Related to the convenience factor is how quick it is. Dump everything into a blender with some liquid, and blend! I have both a Vitamix and a KitchenAid K400 and both are excellent high-powered blenders that turn the smoothie packs into a deliciously creamy smoothie in less than a minute!

SmoothieBox Cost

You can currently purchase either a one time order ($123.75 – $103.55) or subscribe and save ($99.00 – 78.80)

A one time order breaks down to $6.19 per smoothie ($5.19 with my link!).

The subscribe and save breaks down to $4.95 per smoothie ($3.95 with my link!).

That smoothie cost is for just the smoothie packets. If you’d like to add collagen (which I highly recommend – see below!), that will add another $20, or $1 per smoothie.

For a point of reference, here are the prices of smoothies at some smoothie shops, grocery stores, and restaurants:

  • Panera: $4.79
  • Starbucks: $3.75
  • McDonald’s: $2.79
  • Dunkin Donuts: $3.39
  • Tropical Smoothie: $3.99-4.99
  • Smoothie King: $5.29
  • Refrigerated smoothie at a grocery store: $2.99

I will note, too, that the majority of these for-sale smoothies are no where close to SmoothieBox smoothies nutritionally. I worked at one smoothie shop for a semester in college and was shocked during training to realize that every smoothie recipe called for a quarter cup of added sugar!!!

Why I Recommend Adding Collagen

the four flavors of smoothie packs from SmoothieBox with a collagen packet

I’ve written a couple popular posts all about the research on benefits and side effects of collagen, along with another post addressing common collagen questions.

I love adding collagen peptides (just like what’s offered with SmoothieBox) to my smoothies because they are an unflavored protein source. This way my SmoothieBox smoothies can still taste the same, but they’re more balanced and satisfying with extra protein.

Is a SmoothieBox smoothie a full meal?

To preface this, the definition of a “full meal” will vary person to person.

The calories per serving range from 90 to 130 calories. If you double the serving (so have a full smoothie pack), that’s 180 to 260 calories. At this calorie level, as a registered dietitian I would not call either a serving nor a full smoothie pack alone a full meal.

To make it a full meal, you need to add other ingredients. Be strategic with your liquid choice and add other ingredients to increase calories, protein, healthy fats and fiber, like collagen or your favorite protein powder, Greek yogurt, nut and seed butters, additional fruits and veggies, etc.

Check out my guide for 40 ways to add protein to smoothies (without protein powder) for more ideas!

You could also pair a smoothie with something like an egg scramble, hard-boiled eggs, energy bites, or baked oatmeal.

A dietitian’s Smoothie Box review – is it worth it?

Overall, as a registered dietitian, I think SmoothieBox can definitely be worthwhile for many people! One of the greatest barriers to healthy eating clients can have is limited time, with mornings especially busy for many. Stocking your freezer with these smoothies (and collagen packets!) makes a very convenient and quick option.

I also love that I can keep some on hand in my freezer, which I always appreciate if I am low on groceries or just getting back in town.

And like I mentioned before, of all the smoothie delivery options, grocery store pre-bought smoothies, and smoothies to purchase out, SmoothieBox is one of the best nutritionally.

If you have any medical concerns (i.e. on a renal diet watching potassium or with food allergies), double check ingredients and always check with your healthcare provider if you have any questions.

I’ll note, too, that on a personal level I and my whole family really enjoy these smoothies! Clementine was my favorite until the Berry flavor came out, and now they’re tied for my favorite flavor. My daughter loves to take any leftover smoothie and turn them into popsicles, too.

Favorite Smoothie Recipes When I’m Not as Short on Time

And because this is a food and recipe blog, I wanted to share a few of my favorite smoothies for when I’m not short on time and have a fully stocked kitchen!

Want to try SmoothieBox? I don’t blame you! Don’t forget to use my link for $20 off your first order!

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