Healthy Holiday Gifts for the Healthy Cook

Healthy Holiday Gifts for the Healthy Cook

By popular demand, I bring you the Nutrition to Fit 2018 Healthy Holiday Gifts Guide! All the gifts in this healthy holiday gifts guide are perfect for holiday gifts for the healthy cook. Whether you know someone who is just becoming interested in cooking and cooking healthfully or they’re looking for a couple fun new gadgets for their healthy kitchen, I hope you can find a few options to inspire! Bonus – most of the gifts are fairly frugal!

And full disclosure, most of the below links may be affiliate links, which means if you use my link to make a purchase I’ll receive a (very) small commission off an item at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for your support this holiday season and always!

Holiday gift ideas for healthy cooks! These healthy kitchen tools are essential for healthy cooking at home.

Holiday Gifts for the Healthy Cook

  1. Nonstick Silicone Baking Mats ($9.49) – this is a great price for one of my favorite kitchen tools! These silicone baking mats can help you avoid having to use a lot of extra oil and grease when roasting and baking. They also really help promote even cooking, especially on things like the bottoms of baked goods. And, of course, I LOVE easier clean up – this clean up so easy without having to endlessly scrub baking sheets. Oh, and they save you money without constantly having to buy more parchment paper.
  2. Cuisinart Coffee and Spice Grinder ($14.99) – I have a very simple (though mine is much older) coffee bean grinder like this and it’s perfect for grinding things like spices and even grains. I use mine to grind whole flax seeds (they’re better absorbed when milled and not whole) and grind whole oats into oat flour all the time!
  3. GreenPan 8 Inch and 10 Inch Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan Set ($29.25) – GreenPan offers nonstick pans that are non-toxic, free of PFAS and PFOA. Nonstick pans can also be a great way to cut back on added oil and grease when cooking.
  4. The Inspiralizer ($44.99) – This is by far the safest and easiest spiralizer I’ve ever used. Creating veggie “noodles” is a fun way to add more vegetables and variety in your diet!
  5. Air Fryer ($39.99) – If you like the occasional fried chicken or french fries, try an air fryer for homemade “fried” food with significantly less fat. There are many types available, so be sure to check sales ads and specs to get one that fits the size and budget you’re looking for.
  6. Slow Cooker ($22.49) – An easy way to have a healthy, homemade dinner ready to go after a long day’s work! There are a ton of options on the market, so check for a slow cooker in the size you want and with any special specs (i.e. programmable).
  7. Instant Pot ($89.99) – The popularity of the Instant Pot hit an all time high in 2018! I don’t currently have one ( yet -heyyy Santa, I’ve been good!) but they’re a great way to make anything from hard boiled eggs quickly, homemade yogurt, chicken and salmon from frozen, and healthy dinners ready for the table – fast.
  8. Ceramic Non-Stick Mini Muffin Pan ($19.99) – Again, ceramic is a safer, more eco-friendly nonstick coating. It’s free of toxic chemicals and is said to be safer to heat at higher temperatures and more resistant to scratches. While there’s nothing wrong with a good ceramic muffin pan ($12.71), I have always loved mini muffins. Sometimes all you need is a bite or two of something sweet and baking muffins, cupcakes, and brownies in a mini muffin pan is great for built-in portion control.
  9. Vitamix Blender ($299.95 and up) – LOVE my Vitamix. It’s definitely an investment, but as someone who is super frugal, I’m still adamant that it’s 100% worth it. I got a refurbished Vitamix 9 Christmases ago and it’s STILL going (and I usually use it at least once a day!).
  10. Glass Storage Containers with Locking Lids ($29.99) – This is absolutely on my Christmas list! Glass storage containers are a much safer, eco-friendly, less toxic way of storing and reheating your food. And having some prepared food options and cooking at home are both two of my top tips for folks looking for healthier lifestyles! And P.S. go for the locking lids like these or these; the plastic lids that don’t lack can crack and warp over time.
  11. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet ($14.88) – Cast iron skillets are great for a natural, non-toxic way of cooking that can really give an excellent sear to your foods! Bonus – they actually can impart a little bit of iron into the foods you’re cooking in it!
  12. Meat Thermometer ($17.99) – May seem kind of boring, but I love my meat thermometer! Especially if you’re learning to cook more at home, a meat thermometer is essential for making sure you’re cooking animal proteins to the proper temp! No food poisoning in your healthy kitchen!

Bonus healthy gift ideas! Check out some of these cookbooks that would make awesome gifts for any healthy cook!

Holiday gift ideas for healthy cooks - healthy cookbooks! These healthy cookbooks are essential for healthy cooking at home.

  1. The 30-Minute Thyroid Cookbook: 125 Healing Recipes for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s ($23.99) – My friend and dietitian colleague Emily Kyle worked so diligently this past summer putting together this amazing resource and cookbook! It’s currently available for preorder and is being released on Christmas Day. If you or your loved ones have hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, or truly are just interested in anti-inflammatory recipes, this cookbook is for you!
  2. The Fertility Foods Cookbook ($13.59) – More of my dietitian friends, Elizabeth Shaw and Sara Haas, are celebrating the one year-anniversary of the release of their Fertility Foods Cookbook. I reviewed this book and a shakshuka recipe last year, and it’s a cookbook I love. The recipes are simple, straightforward, and a great addition to anyone cooking in a healthier style – especially if fertility is a focus!
  3. The Pescetarian Cookbook ($17.38) – Another friend and colleague, Cara Harbstreet, recently released this beautiful cookbook! If you’re looking to incorporate more vegetarian, fish, and seafood recipes into your cooking routine, this cookbook is for you!
  4. The Lupus Cookbook ($19.99) – Yet another fellow RDN (see a trend here? lol), Ana Residorf recently published her first cookbook with 125+ anti-inflammatory recipes to live well with lupus. Check it out!
  5. The Essential Vegetable Cookbook ($14.25) – with a tagline like “simple and satisfying ways to eat more vegetables”, how can you go wrong? I think nearly everyone can afford to add more vegetables to their diet, and this veggie-centric cookbook by dietitian Sammi Haber Brondo can certainly help you have more fun doing it!
  6.  Joy’s Simple Food Remedies ($17.10) – Nationally-recognized dietitian Joy Bauer’s latest cookbook takes 20 common ailments and looks at 5 power foods for each ailment and it’s corresponding recipes.

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