Top 3 Ways to Balance Parenting and Working at Home

Top 3 Ways to Balance Parenting and Working at Home

It’s the first Friday of October, which means Katie Heddleston and I are back with another installment in the WAHprener series! This month our topic is our top tips for keeping things simple to survive each day to balance parenting and working at home.

I love this topic, because I’m such a big advocate of keeping things simple with my nutrition clients, too. Whether you’re a work-at-home parent or not, I’m convinced EVERYONE is busy and needs to keep the day-to-day tasks of life simple. It’s the best way to minimize stress (which improves our health!) and allows more room to live a life we love. Or, you know…time to take a shower every day. 😉

Top 3 Ways to Balance Parenting and Working at Home

My top 3 ways to simply balance parenting and working at home are:

  • Start your day with some time for you. Okay, so let me preface that I totally understand LIFE HAPPENS and some days the baby randomly decides to wake up hours early. But generally speaking, try to get in a routine where you have at least a few moments to yourself in the morning. Figure out what makes the biggest impact for you personally. Maybe it’s simply getting dressed and brushing your teeth, enjoying your coffee, praying or meditating, exercising, getting work emails out of the way, tackling your biggest work project of the day, etc.
  • Pick just one nonnegotiable to accomplish each day. Everyone always has full to-do lists. Entrepreneurs are no exception, and in my personal experience one of the hardest things for new entrepreneurs to make peace with is the fact that your to-do list will never be completely clear. When you run your own business there will always be more you both need and want to do. As a parent, there will also always be more you need and want to do! So especially when you’re balancing both, you need to prioritize one work thing each day that is the most essential and will make the biggest impact. Everything else is just gravy!
  • Be present. Personally, the fastest way to complicate and add stress to my day is by trying to multi-task. So, when I’m with my baby, I’m with my baby. When I’m working (like during nap time, after my husband gets home, etc.), I’m working. This is certainly way easier said than done, but the days that I try to really be present in each moment are always my best days in terms of happy child, work productivity, and personal fulfillment.

Katie and I asked a few other WAHpreneurs for their tips, so I’m sharing a collection of them below!

Meal prep! If I don’t prep my lunches in advance I’m guily of not bothering to eat a proper lunch. It makes such a difference! – Suzi Fevans,

Pick out kids clothes the night before! This saves me every morning! -Nicole Culver,

Waking up at 530/6 helps me survive so it’s not a huge rush when kids get up! -Nicole Culver,

I’m fairy new to WAHpreneur life, but what keeps me sane is writing everything down on my wall calendar and then crossing it off when I’m done. Every recipe, webinar, play date, and shower. Lol. 🤣 Also, don’t be afraid to move something from today’s list to tomorrow! -Melissa Chandler,

When I’m cleaning up dinner, I always pack my lunch for the next day. The kitchen is already messy and then it’s one less thing to worry about in the rush of the morning! Plus, it saves me money to not eat out! -Mindy Nienhouse,

The best thing I did when I became a WAH Mom was to realize I deserved to hire a mother’s helper to play with my daughter. I thought since I was home I should do both, but my daughter and I were both suffering because I was taking a 1,000 times longer to do things because of interruptions and she and I spent less quality time together! -Dana Snook,

I have one task that must get done for the day. Just one. My to do list might have 7-8 things on it, and I’ll get some of those done too, but letting myself have just one thing that must get done helps keep me sane. -Shannon Dombkowski,

I’m curious – what are your best tips to survive the constant balancing act of being a work at home parent, or a working parent in general? Share in the comments below!

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