Nutrition Services – Coming Soon! Shoot an email to if you’re interested and we can talk about services and early sign-up pricing!

I offer 100% virtually-based services. This means you and I can work together with the flexibility and convenience of any time, any place – you could be in your pajamas on your couch and that doesn’t bother me! Check out the types of services I offer below and email me at to get started!

1:1 Nutrition & Wellness Coaching and Education

This is for you if you need help setting goals, want help creating a plan for success, recognize the need for accountability, and want to eat and live more intuitively. I believe in a blended balance of eating intuitively for one’s self with a mindfulness of general health principles. I believe in keeping things simple and going back to the basics. I believe in reconnecting with your body, mind, and faith to achieve optimal wellness. I also am a big proponent of throwing away the restrictive diet mentality.

Everything is led by you and designed to fit your life so that you can freely live with more mental and physical energy to embrace the life you desire! I believe in eating and living intuitively while balancing that with knowledge of healthy habits, portion sizes, and grounding everything in faith.

This can also include education, for example if your child was recently diagnosed with a dairy allergy and you want to talk about dairy-free alternatives and what ingredients to look out for on nutrition labels.

Please contact me at and we can schedule a free 15 minute call/ Skype/ Google hangout to see if we’re a good fit and talk about customizing a package to fit your needs.