Salad Skewers

Salad Skewers

Try presenting salad in this fun, handheld way and your family may get a little more excited about eating their greens!

Salad Skewers

Food is always more fun when you can hold it, right? Most people I know would definitely prefer a hamburger over Salisbury steak or meatloaf. Just like there’s a totally different vibe eating a slice of pizza than there is a piece of lasagna. And who loves eating with their hands more that kids? That was the part of the inspiration for these salad skewers. The other inspiration was the love many children’ have for “dunking” or dipping their food in something. I’ve spoken with many parents (and kids!) who tell me their kids won’t eat lettuce or salad. But often they tell me the same kids will eat many of the same vegetables found in salads – cucumber, carrots, and sometimes even broccoli, especially if they can pick up a small piece (like a baby carrot) and dip it in a sauce or dressing of some sort. So, why not make a handheld and dippable salad?

Don’t be afraid to try new things with your kids. Sometimes it may be trying a new food. And sometimes when you try a new food, your kid has to be offered it dozens of times before deciding if they like it (or sometimes be offered that many times before deciding to try it). Just because your child says no to a food once doesn’t mean you can’t try that food again. Especially in a different form! I know some kids that would be much more willing to try these salad skewers just because they look different and fun, than if they were offered a bowl of salad.


The other fun thing about these salad skewers is you can do all sorts of fun combinations!

  • Caprese: spinach leaves + basil leaves + cherry tomatoes + ovalini mozzarella
  • House Salad: lettuce + cucumber + grape tomatoes + small cheese cubes
  • Chicken Caesar Salad: lettuce + grilled chicken bite + grape tomatoes + crouton

Really, the options are limited to your (and your kids’!) imagination. Give it a go with dinner one night, of course pairing with everyone’s favorite dressing for tiny dips! These also make a fun packable lunch for all of you with kids going back to school soon! As always, have fun with it and be well!

Salad Skewers
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  • Leafy greens (can stack bite-size pieces of romaine, spinach leaves, or iceberg lettuce which holds together well)
  • Grape or cherry tomatoes
  • Cucumber slices
  • Small cubes or slices of cheese
  • Dressing for dipping


  1. On small skewers, assemble all desired ingredients. Get creative and use whatever veggies you have on hand or are family favorites!
  2. Pair with dinner or pack in a school lunch with your child's favorite dressing.

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