Meet Me

Hi! I’m Lindsey, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist! I live in sunny Sarasota, Florida with my husband and our sweet baby girl. I started this site as a way to share recipes and information from an expert source to make your life easier!

You’ll always find healthy and delicious recipes that aren’t complicated. My recipes are perfect for busy mamas and families looking for a healthy meal to throw together quickly, or meal ideas that can easily be prepped ahead. You won’t find long ingredient lists or super obscure, expensive ingredients here – I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the patience or wallet for that! Some of my favorite recipes include my Freezer Tomato Sauce, Easy Guacamole, and Almond Chicken Nuggets!

I also want to be a source of information you can trust. When I realized I wanted to focus my career in nutrition, I decided if I was going to do it, I wanted to be legit! It was important to me to obtain an evidence-based education and credentials recognizing me as an expert in my field. I went back to school for a second Bachelor’s degree, this time in Nutrition and Dietetics, earned graduate credits while completing a 1200-hour supervised practice dietetic internship, and finally passed a rigorous national examination, recognizing me as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

I have a diverse background of experience. I initially focused my career clinically, as I loved the challenge of all the different conditions and needs I encountered as I was helping people recover and obtain healthier lives. However, I switched over to a community setting working as a Senior Public Health Nutritionist at my local WIC agency and this is where I found the population that I truly LOVE working with – mamas, mamas-to-be, babies, kiddos, and families!

R & L Greece

My husband and I in Hydra, Greece

Some random fun facts about me (because who doesn’t love a good fun fact?!):

  1. I debated a career in wedding planning for brides on a budget, because I had so much fun planning my own wedding for less than $5,000! But then I realized there probably wasn’t a lot of income potential for brides on budgets…
  2. My first degree was a Bachelor of the Arts in Music, where I focused on flute performance.
  3. I broke my elbow in half (by riding a bike…) when I was in sixth grade.
  4. My husband and I got married in 2008 when we were babies – I had just turned 21!
  5. I love traveling. Whether it’s to the serene mountains of North Carolina or international trips like ones we’ve taken to Italy, Greece, or the Caribbean, it can’t be beat.
  6. I have a lot of allergies and sensitivities – environmental, tree nuts, gluten, animals, etc.
  7. I’m more of a tea gal over coffee.
  8. Dark chocolate > milk chocolate. Always. (Shh, don’t tell my husband.)
  9. When I’m working out or cleaning I’m almost always blasting my Pitbull Pandora Station.
  10. I used to garden a lot more until a rogue raccoon ate EVERYTHING. Twice.

Send me an email ( or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram – I’d love to get to know you! Be well!

R & L Charleston

My husband and I in Charleston, South Carolina