Introducing the WAHpreneur Life Series

Katie and Lindsey chat everything about being a work at home parent and business owners - with no full time nannies or daycare!
We’re kicking off a whole new series of some Friday fun around here! My friend and fellow mom + dietitian Katie Heddleston and I are going to be diving into the work at home entrepreneur life and all it entails for us. On the first Friday of every month we’ll be chatting about everything from how we juggle, how we prioritize, how we work between the WAHHH-ing and how on earth we’re able to do it without nannies and day care.
One thing I personally think is cool (not that I’m biased or anything ;)) is that Katie and I are bringing different situations to the table. I started my business this past January when out on maternity leave with my daughter (my only child) and have been figuring out both motherhood and entrepreneurship as I go. Katie started similarly, but today she is now the mom of three handsome boys, has a thriving nutrition and run coaching business AND an awesome handcrafted, nonslip headband business!
Now, how did this work-at-home-preneurs series get started?
Well, we both recently read an article featuring five women who worked at home and to say it fell flat is a huge understatement. It didn’t resonate with us at all. The article was meant to be a helpful and encouraging “you can do it article,” but honestly, as a new entrepreneur AND a new mom trying to make it all work from home, it rather discouraging for me.
You see, every woman featured in this article had full time childcare, whether it was outside day care or a nanny at the house from sun up to sun down. Now, I am not a solo parent by any means (my husband is the most amazing and involved dad to our baby, ever!), but my personal WAHpreneur life is very absent of a nanny or daycare. And that’s okay!
After reading that article I felt a little defeated. I’m a very confident and ambitious person, but there was that momentary thought of, “shoot, can I do this?” And that doubt is such a lie. That’s why we’re starting this WAHpreneur series. As long as you’re a work at home parent and an entrepreneur, we want to support each other to feel empowered like the amazing WAHpreneurs we all are! No matter if you have full time, part time, or ZERO help with your situation.
So get ready for support, encouragement, and a REAL look at being a work-at-home parent AND entrepreneur. All sides of it (including Daniel Tiger, which Katie tells me I’ll learn about in my parenting journey soon.) 😉

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